The Modern Back: Daiwa Massage Chairs 2020 Amidst Covid-19 – Ultimate Guide

November 02 19:03 2020
The Modern Back: Daiwa Massage Chairs 2020 Amidst Covid-19 - Ultimate Guide

The COVID-19 global pandemic is continuing unabated. Most of Europe and the UK is ramping up for its second wave while the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still storming its way through the United States of America. Some experts believe that the USA is living through the third wave of coronavirus infections. The John Hopkins University coronavirus map reports that the global infection numbers are over 40 million cases, with the USA figures sitting at 8.275 million of the 40 million people infected with the virus across the globe.

Will there be another lockdown? And, what does the COVID-19 pandemic have to do with the 2020 Cyber Monday and Black Friday massage chair?  

As a means to providing an answer to these questions, let’s look at the following points.

Will the US Federal Government lock down all fifty US states?

The succinct answer to this question is that no one really knows. It depends on how high the virus’s R number or reproduction number climbs. In summary, the R rate is the number of people one infected person can transmit the virus to.

For instance, if the R rate is 3, then for every single infection, three other people can contract the virus. The biggest challenge with this concept is that the number of infected people increases exponentially like a pyramid, eventually overpowering the public healthcare facilities and resulting in many fatalities. The only way city, state, and federal governments can control the virus’s spread and reduce the R number is by implementing strict social distancing and social isolation measures.

At this juncture, it does not look as though there will not be a second nation-wide lockdown or the implementation of shelter-in-place regulations.

The website notes that experts believe that there won’t be another lockdown in the USA, “no matter how high the COVID-19 cases climb and fall this fall and winter.” The reason for this is that they don’t believe that the US has the “political and economic willpower to sustain such an effort.” However, city-wide and even state-wide lockdowns have not been discounted.

The impact of COVID-19 on massage chair deliveries

One of the characteristics of a city- or state-wide lockdown is the forced closure of all non-essential businesses to drastically reduce the number of people traveling between work and home. Therefore, it might become a challenge for shoppers to benefit from the Black Friday Massage Chair Deals fully.

However, the good news is that The Modern Back is a brick-and-click retailer with cross-state shipping across the USA. Hence, shoppers can go online to, add a massage chair such as the Maestro LE massage chair to the shopping cart, enter the delivery address, and finally pay for the chair. 

The biggest threat to holiday sales success is the delivery of the chair from the showroom to the delivery address.


There are two reasons for this.

1. A lockdown will prevent delivery of non-essential items

Unfortunately, a massage chair will more than likely be classified as a non-essential item. In the event of a second hard lockdown, the massage chair’s delivery will more than likely be delayed. Even if there is no second lockdown, states like New York State have implemented a two-week quarantine on visitors from 43 other states and territories.

2. Reduced employee numbers might delay the massage chair’s delivery

Social distancing plays an essential role in the control and prevention of the virus’s spread between people. It essentially spreads via person-to-person transmission. As a result, showroom or warehouse sizes dictate the number of employees and shoppers allowed in a building at any given point. Ergo, fewer employees can translate into a delivery or shipment delay.

The solution to benefitting from Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales

There is a one-word solution to these challenges: Time.

In other words, shop the wide range of massage chairs, including the Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair, online or at one of The Modern Back’s showrooms as soon as possible; thereby, allowing plenty of time for the chair’s delivery in the event of a shipment delay. This way, there will be many opportunities to enjoy the new massage chair before, during, and after the holidays.

Final thoughts

The best and latest massage chairs are on offer at both of The Modern Back’s showrooms and online.

The Modern Back is one of the leading online retail stores in the United States. They also have the largest showroom in the state of Florida offering various types and brands of massage chairs to suit all budgets. Their knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and to assist customers with their massage chair purchase.

Therefore, Florida customers looking for the latest chairs like the Genesis Max Massage Chair can find them at both the Boynton Beach and Sarasota showrooms.

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