Summer Camp Advice Empowering Parents to Make Informed Decisions

February 09 08:48 2018

It’s Summer Camp Season and for many parents this is a time of high anxiety. Planning a summer where their children will not be bored, have new adventure and get to make new friends is no easy task. Parents look no further, overnight summer camps provide children a safe, nurturing and educational environment that supplements a child’s personal development while providing fun and making new friends. This might seem like a tall order to fill but with the right advice, parents can successfully find the perfect summer camp for their children. The key to remember for any parent there is no BEST summer camp there is only the RIGHT summer camp for your child. was developed to give parents informative articles and videos giving helpful hacks from; what questions to ask a camp Director to Who Accredits Summer Camps. This handy reference will ensure that parents are doing their best for their children.

Developed by actual Camp Directors, Summer Camp Advice is aimed for the parents who are just starting out the process of searching for the right summer camp for their children. A good starting point is to look for a camp that adheres to the same values and principles that your family holds, thus the camp will serve as a reinforcement of your family’s positive values and principles, while also teaching new skills and lessons. Another important characteristic of a good summer camp is being sure that the camp has fully trained staff.

The spokesperson said, “Today, summer camps have progressed from campfires to computer screens and from nature trails to rollerblade rinks which make it even more difficult to choose the right camp for your child. Even with all those changes, the need for summer camp remains unchanged; children still need to use their summer break in a healthy, productive way and it is even better if it is without a screen. A good summer camp not only teaches skills but is equally concerned with teaching a child life skills.”

It is important that parent first start with their child’s needs, wants and desires. So for instance if your child loves animals, you might consider a camp that has an emphasis with critters. Often, this will raise their excitement level for going to camp. Next, find a handful of camps that meet some of your qualifications, time, cost, location, etc. Learn what’s next at

Today, many parents are reluctant to send their child to an overnight camp. The media has hyped up all the fears but rarely reports on the good that a child will gain from leaving home for a few weeks. Summer Camps through proper guidance encourage self-control, build self-sufficiency, and develop tolerance for others.  “However, the biggest change you will see in your child when they return home is self-esteem, being away and doing things on their own builds a child’s confidence that they do not need Mom & Dad for everything. Is that not our job as parents to help our children feel comfortable to leave the nest someday?” says Jeff Lorenz Director of Swift Nature Camp.

Today some 10 million Americans go to summer camp while another 1 million or so international children come to American summer camps. So give your child a gift, a gift that will last a lifetime, just be sure to do your research and find the best summer camp for your child with the help of Summer Camp Advice for the time you put upfront will more than reap the benefits.

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