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February 07 22:58 2018

Bill Smith, global operations director of CoinGlobe, recently spoke to reporters about the features of the platform.

CoinGlobe is a Swedish origin trading platform, serving global miners and fans of encrypted cryptocurrency since 2014; It primarily covers Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum transactions.

The CoinGlobe platform has several unique features. One of key feature is the ability to carry out P2P, or user point-to-point transactions. These are safe, legal, reliable, and ensuring that users having the need to worry of exchange platform health.

Due to situation at current China market in cryptocurrency, and the impact on global markets of this domestic platform shutdown has not yet subsided, the traditional matchmaking system is facing big challenges. Even the world’s largest encrypted cryptocurrency trading platforms are looking at overseas for future development. However, the volume of cryptocurrency trading in China has always been the largest in the world, and many cryptocurrencies are in the hands of Chinese players. At present, many platforms use the recharged USDT to continue to trade, while others use the currency to currency trading model. The emergence of a new over-the-counter trading system broke the deadlock. This was thanks to their numerous benefits, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Fewer competitors, more market space. At present, there are a large number of players and miners in China, but they have no place to trade their currency, meaning they have no choice but to use foreign platforms. So, at this time, the over-the-counter trading platform is undoubtedly providing them with timely assistance, and bringing them new hope. As a result of this policy, a large number of water testing platforms were killed off. Their demise is undoubtedly clearing “obstacles” and making room for others.

2. Capital security is guaranteed. One of the key advantages of OTC trading platforms is that money does not actually go through the platform. The CoinGlobe platform does not need to ensure the safety of the capital, meaning the capital chain cannot be attacked. This means that neither can the platform collapse, nor can currency be lost. The platform operators only need to ensure the security of the platform users.

3. It meets current market demands. Due to the global situation of encrypted digital currency today, an OTC trading system is more in line with the actual market needs, i.e. it provides a platform without violating national norms. CoinGlobe has thus solved the underlying predicament of difficult trading.

4. There are many ways to make money. As the saying goes, the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. How the system platform is run will stay in your own hands. You earn the money yourself, and the amount you can earn depends on your own ability. CoinGlobe thus creates the rules for its own platform. As long as it does not violate any norms, and does not endanger the public interest, it is allowed to continue.

5. Two levels of authentication on the CoinGlobe trading platform ensure the security of the account. The key constituent of any system is security. The OTC platform is strong in this respect, providing two levels of authentication to reduce any risks to your account. When this authentication is started, you need to send an acknowledgement from your cellphone or password card, so that third parties cannot infiltrate your account.

6. Automatic custody, saving on both worry and effort. When the user wants to buy an encrypted digital currency, he only needs to advertise on the CoinGlobe trading platform. When a seller makes the deal, the buyer directly transfers the money to him, and the seller’s currency is locked within the custody center of the CoinGlobe trading platform. You will own the currency as soon as the seller receives the money and clicks OK.

7. The evaluation system assists each player in choosing who to trade with. At the same time, the platform acts as a middleman, providing customer service to resolve any disputes between users. If there is a dispute between the seller and the buyer, they will be supported by customer service, and the trading platform team will handle the complaint according to its terms of service.

At the end of the visit, Bill Smith said, “In 2018, in addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum transactions, we have also seen the beginning of the smart contract POSS+ sharing block reward from the Nobel Lab & RMIT World R&D team, who created an original equity sharing. The NBLC was created using POSS (PROOF OF STAKE SHARING). The R&D team used top block technology, combined with an optimized top design based on Bitcoin and Litecoin, making the NBLC more convenient, energy saving and environmentally friendly, and thus easier for business and circulation. Starting with the idea of new finance, new payments and new retail, its huge potential increase in value will bring another wave of wealth. It is the new star, or possibly the dark horse, of the currency world! It will definitely have been worth the wait!”

Smith will now fly straight from Chengdu to Shanghai and then back to Europe. This exclusive interview has been a great coup for the author. Many thanks to Bill Smith for his time!

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