Taking on the Student Loan Giant

February 06 12:15 2018

2017 ended with Student Loan debt in the United States well over 3 trillion dollars and with over 44 million Americans holding both federal and private loans. There is no question that student loans are now an issue, and it may be time to take notice.

2007 multiple programs were released by The US Department of Education to help students and graduates with their student loans. Unfortunately, those programs were buried by the very institutions we trusted with the management of our student loan debt, the banks.

“Student Loans are supposed to help keep our economy strong. We go to school to get better careers and earn more money. More money means more spending and more spending means the value of our dollar remains strong.”

In 2017 we saw record default rates in the US while education costs continued to increase and so did the borrowing.

“The problem is that the amount of money most people earn after they are finished with school simply doesn’t compare to the amount they have to repay when you take into account the money borrowed and the high amount of interest they pay. People are forced to make small payments and in the end, most of them pay as much or more in interest than the actual amount they borrowed.”

Well one Southern California Company is making waves and taking the banks head on. By educating and assisting students and graduates alike, they develop options and solutions that are all but buried by the banks. Now, this Company is starting to grow faster than they expected and according to one of the Managing Partners, they are just getting started.

Ardent Finance Group was started two years ago and was created by Christopher Johnson of Huntington Beach California, his Mother, Marsha Juarez of Galveston Texas and Adrian Ruiz of Bellflower California.Their headquarters is in Costa Mesa California and they’ve had their share of struggle. When they opened up in 2016 they realized right out of the gates what kind of hold the banks had on this industry. According to Christopher, upon opening the doors, they were met with despicable tactics by the banks that made it difficult to earn their clients trust. Christopher describes “what really made it tough was that clients had but to simply look up their own banks to see that they were the ones with terrible reputations, that they were the ones they should be worried about.”

He continued “The banks have manipulated the entire industry; they’ve hijacked one of the nation’s strongest tools needed for recovery and growth and they’ve transformed it to further their own position. Student loans have been transformed, they’ve been twisted and now what you have is a cycle. A cycle where the banks lend the money to students so they can eventually earn more income that ultimately goes back to the banks via interest.”

Christopher says things are now better than ever and that they have huge plans for 2018. “It seems like people are catching on, these days the clients seem to be more informed. Plus, we have a strong client base and it helps when people can read reviews and see what we’ve done for people”.

“Sometimes it feels like David and Goliath. The difference is that this we have two giants to fight.”

While we are up against an industry completely controlled by the banks, we also have an enormous amount of debt to bring down. There is no chance we will even make a dent to what’s owed, but we will try”. In 2017 Ardent Finance Group acquired over 11,000 clients nationwide and in 2018 Christopher explains that they are now taking on private loans as well. They are now assisting clients with validation, are offering refinance options for their clients.

Like most companies we are committed to providing the best service but we are also dedicated to providing a great environment for our employees.” With plans of expansion plans already under way, Christopher sees Ardent becoming very busy this year. “Were excited for 2018 and were ready too”. With one office in Orange County, another in Los Angeles and in Galveston Texas, Ardent Finance Group is positioned and ready for 2018, ready to fight giants. 

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