J.D. Oldenburg will release Horatio and The Fear of Dying on October 3rd 2017 on Kickstarter

October 02 12:02 2017
Kickstarter to Be Taken by Storm On October 3rd!

“This book is the next Harry Potter in its own right!” – Kenza Kadmiry

Horatio and The Fear of Dying is a masterfully designed and grippingly narrated children’s book that is sure to win the hearts of children and adults alike with its striking graphics and captivating storyline.

Horatio teaches children not only to get over the fear of dying, but also embrace life bravely.

“I was a very fearful child growing up and asked my parents about death almost every day,” said Oldenburg, “When I was around 9, Jim Henson’s adaptation of a very old Russian Folktale titled “The Soldier and Death” captivated my imagination and gave me a glimpse of fearlessness. I wanted to create a story to help children the way this story helped me. You could go as far as calling it a modern retelling.”

J.D. Oldenburg Publishing releases Horatio and The Fear of Dying in Hardcover, Audio Book Companion and Digital Animated App form, with Spanish translation coming soon after its English release.

Horatio and The Fear of Dying, the first children’s book by experienced filmmaker and L.A. music video and commercial director J.D. Oldenburg, will be released nationwide on Kickstarter on 3rd October 2017.

About Horatio and the Fear of Dying:

Once upon a time… a brave boy named Horatio challenged and conquered Death, dawning everlasting life over his Kingdom. But as life and death are in love, one without the other became joyless. Soon, Horatio must mend the cycle he has broken.

Horatio and the Fear of Dying was inspired by Jim Henson’s adaptation of the famous 1850s Russian Folktale, The Soldier and Death.

About The Author: 

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in film, a couple of highly encouraging rejection letters, and seven years of experience in film production and advertising for brands like Hobbyking, Hopsin and Toyota, J.D. felt compelled to bypass traditional publishing and retain full control of the final product.

He built his creative team through patient trial and error, and craigslist ads. After locking the right artists, they embarked on an almost three-year process to the final creation released now.

J.D. Oldenburg has created a confident and clever tale about a young boy who must undo a mistake and make things right for everyone he loves.

The book will be translated to Spanish soon after the campaign.

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Horatio and The Fear of Dying by J.D. Oldenburg is the first book released by J.D. Oldenburg Publishing.

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