The Glory Road: The Saga Lives On, By Steven D. Ayres, Receives Acclaim for Its Ability to Transport Readers Through Events in the Nation’s History with Authentic Writing and a Focus On Nostalgia

November 28 22:16 2022
The Glory Road: The Saga Lives On, By Steven D. Ayres, Receives Acclaim for Its Ability to Transport Readers Through Events in the Nation’s History with Authentic Writing and a Focus On Nostalgia
Author Steven D. Ayres’s The Glory Road: The Saga Lives On is a trilogy beginning with two books focused on the Jett family and a third following their descendants into the 21st century. The trilogy covers the Civil War, reconstruction, and contemporary times. Ayres’s work has received accolades for the appreciation it gives the nation’s history and the respect it shows the family at the book’s core.

“…the author’s work is imbued with a yearning for the past…” ~ The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S. Review of Books praises Steven D. Ayres’s trilogy, The Glory Road: The Saga Lives On. In a time when it is more important than ever to examine and learn from the past, Ayres’s books offer a remarkable look at the author’s genealogy detailed in three interconnected stories spanning the years of the Civil War, the Great Depression, and moving to present-day with descendants celebrating on the family’s farm in the shadow of the “wedding tree,” the farm’s 300-year-old oak tree.

“Between war and a cratering economy, Ayres nestles intriguing stories of his lineage with budding romances sealed with love letters and locks of hair.” ~ The U.S. Review of Books

About the Book:

Steven D. Ayres’s tell-all trilogy The Glory Road: The Saga Lives On includes Fallow Are the Fields, We Danced Until Dawn, and Under the Wedding Tree. Set on the family’s farm just 20 miles west of Atlanta, Ayres’s first book gives readers an in-depth look into the lives of the Jett family and the way in which the Civil War impacted not only their family dynamics but the manner in which it shaped our country.

The second book in the trilogy, We Danced Until Dawn, continues to follow the Jetts into the reconstruction era, through the turn of the 20th century, and into the Victorian Age. Readers will revel in the descriptions of the great resorts featuring the local mineral Lithia water, claimed as a cure for all of one’s ills. In addition, Ayres treats readers of this installment to a host of modern marvels including the invention of the automobile and the advent of aviation in 1903.

Bearing quite a different look and feel from the first two books in the trilogy, Under the Wedding Tree takes readers on a journey into the 21st century where they witness four “magical” weddings on the family’s farm. Ayres’s third book carries with it a contemporary tone and mood as it looks at the family members and their individual stories.

“…readers will be transported into worlds that are both comprehensive and well-flowing, full of the energy and flair…” ~ The U.S. Review of Books

About the Author:

Steven D. Ayres was born in West End of Atlanta, Georgia and grew up on the family farm in what is now Lithia Springs, Georgia. After graduating from his local school system in Douglas County, he attended and graduated from Oxford College of Emory University with an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. He later received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Guiezeta School of Business and studied law at Mercer University. Ayres is a 50-year-plus Alumni Member of Emory University.

Ayres, also the illustrator for his own books, studied art with the Famous Art Correspondence School of New Haven, Connecticut. Some of his historical paintings can be found in the local Museum of Art and History and previously in the Douglas County Courthouse. The author continues to write and create artwork in addition to serving as a Georgia farmer, raising both Hereford cattle and Haflinger horses. He enjoys art, music, history, aviation, motorcycles, piano, and guitar and considers himself a barnyard legal scholar.

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