The 2023 Productivity Planner For Accelerated Growth

November 28 20:30 2022
The Morning 5 planner by Glenn Lundy is made especially for people seeking to remove unwanted distractions so they can achieve their goals in 2023.

As this year rounds up, people who are eager to begin next year on the right footing are currently planning for how they expect it to go. This practice which has become a staple for many around the world involves the use of planners and journals to outline whatever bold step that one wants to achieve. In catering to this market, there are lots of planners promising to help people along with their goals. But The Morning 5 by Glenn Lundy is definitely ahead of the rest.  

The Morning 5 is a morning show hosted by Glenn Lundy on Facebook. It also has a Facebook community with around 30,800 members from all different walks of life all looking to be the best versions of themselves. Glenn previously wrote a book titled The Morning 5: 5 Steps to an Extraordinary life, which promises accelerated growth in all spheres of life. Now, the author is coming out with The Morning 5 planner to accompany the book.

The Morning 5 and its planner are based on having a powerful morning routine. The Morning 5 consists of five checklists namely 1) No snooze button 2) No phone first thing after wakeup 3) Gratitude & goal list 4) Physical activity and 5) Sending an encouraging message (via text, email, etc) to someone.

Thus, The Morning 5 2023 Planner is created to empower its users to get focused, create clear goals and live a happy and fulfilled life. It contains 365 motivational/encouraging quotes, one for every day that is shared by its own community. What’s more, each new month has a QR code that will send users to a monthly message from Glenn to all the members plus a monthly challenge and a book recommendation.

Other productivity features that one can expect to find in the planner include:

–  New weekly rating and recap to keep track of one’s progress!
–  ‚ÄčEnhanced productivity tools to keep one’s personal, spiritual, and career growth on track
–  Daily quotes supplied by the community for inspiration
–  New and improved design that creates more space for schedule and note taking!

In addition to being an author, Glenn is also the founder and former host of Clubhouse series, Breakfast with Champions.

To purchase the planner, visit The Morning 5 website

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