Digital Token DHE: Open the New Track for the Digital Transformation of the Domestic Real Economy

June 30 18:48 2022
If the blockchain is described as an information technology revolution, then the leader of the revolution must be a capable person with the world in mind.

The “14th Five-Year Plan for the Information and Communication Industry Development” clearly points out that blockchain technology is listed as one of the new national infrastructure projects, and indicates the development direction for the next five years. The success of the digital transformation of an enterprise is directly related to the rapid recovery of the real economy.

How to apply blockchain technology better in the real economy? This is the way that every entity and Internet company must explore. How to completely change the production relationship, so that consumers can deeply link with enterprises through consumption behavior, so that consumption Consumers’ consumption behavior generates value, turns consumption information into digital assets, and packs the assets on the chain in the form of digital tokens to form a value medium, make it circulated, and generate financial value.

At the same time, by issuing digital certificates, enterprises can not only solve the problem of low-cost financing for enterprises, but also deeply connect consumers and enterprises, so that consumers can obtain products and services when they consume, and at the same time obtain enterprise tokens. For example, DHE, a digital token first launched by Jingan ZT Exchange, is to turn the profits generated by the commodity circulation of the enterprise into digital assets. When users consume products, they not only get high-quality products, but also digital assets (DHE token), formed the value concept of consumption as investment, completely broke the traditional antagonistic relationship between consumers and enterprises, and reshaped the new market of enterprises.

It is reported that the successful birth of DHE, the appearance is the peak! The issue price is 1 RMB. In the absence of any investment institution big capitals, the price of DHE will naturally increase by as much as 600%+ in just a few days, which is simply a clear stream in many blockchain projects. Despite the plummeting of both mainstream and non-mainstream currencies, DHE still maintains steady growth, which shows that this company has made major breakthroughs and successes on the road of digital transformation, and has embarked on a real “Road”! It is worthy of reference and learning for all enterprises that want to digitally transform!

Not only that, the reason why DHE chose to go online on Jingan ZT Exchange and trade with YPT this time also has profound historical significance. It actively responded to the call of the country and took the lead in opening the road to digital transformation of enterprises. In the future, with the online and offline efforts of national and global consensus members, DHE Token will continue to accumulate more high-quality customers and the financial value of DHE, and will eventually build an industrialized digital asset ecological closed loop with DHE Token as the core economic element, truly achieve inter-industry interoperability, full-scenario application, and build a trillion-level token economy!

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