Ex Soldier leads the way in Hypermobility Rehabilitation

June 30 18:30 2022
An Ex-Soldier has created a cutting edge and non-invasive rehabilitation program for those with hypermobility conditions, who suffer from recurring joint dislocations.

33 year old Ex soldier Adam Foster, has created his own neuro rehab program after he himself developed chronic pain. Working with hypermobile clients across the globe, Adam and his team are leading the way in the rehabilitation of hypermobility syndromes, from their Uk based rehab business “The Fibro Guy”.

For years the standard treatment to help reduce joint dislocations for those with hypermobility, has revolved around trying to build muscle around the affected joints. However, this approach has yielded minimal and dimishing results for those who partake. However, Adam and his team of former chronic pain sufferers turned practitioners, are leading the way in hypermobility rehabilitation, with a non invasive, neurological approach.

“The traditional approach has been to build muscle around the lax joint to support it, however, the amount of muscle tissue around a joint does not correlate with the stability of the joint. And to be able to build muscle it needs to able to handle enough load to force growth. Which if you have unstable joints, is almost impossible”

Adam and his team have won the award “rehabilitation specialists of the year” for the last two year, and are focused on providing their cutting edge treatment for those around the globe.

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