Contractor Marketing Firm Rebranded From Rank First Marketing

July 31 01:37 2021
The Richmond-based company has rebranded itself and is going live! Rank First Marketing has become Independence Contractor Marketing.

Independence Contractor Marketing and Ian Cunningham are pleased to announce that the firm has been re-branded from its previous iteration – Rank First Marketing. The contractor marketing website is now going live. The new major focus is on freeing contractors from reliance on pay per lead and showing them how to take ownership of their own lead generation. The system removes the costs of the middlemen, which are ongoing with the Pay Per Lead systems.

The founders of Independence Contractor Marketing, Connor and Ian, are US Army Engineer vets who have experienced some of the best and worst construction industries. The experience in the military and in the real estate industry has shown them the need for contractors to free themselves from traditional marketing methods, which require the purchase of poorly performing leads from middlemen firms. The company’s goal is to empower contractors to take control of their growth and become independent of traditional marketing methods.

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The ICM system allows contractor partners to become self-reliant in growth and gain control of the business and life. The system guarantees more than 35 complete remodel leads every month. The system is implemented without paying per leads or ads or being locked into monthly bills from a marketer. The results are guaranteed in writing, or the partner gets a 100 percent refund, with no exceptions. 

The system doesn’t depend upon middlemen or marketing firms working for several contractors in the business, who must ‘compete’ for leads. The leads can be overworked or have already hired the contractor. Independence contractor Marketing only accepts one partner for each locale, so there is no competing for jobs. The ICM system allows contractors to choose their service area. They are better able to perform high-quality work for each client. 

About the Company: 

Independence Contractor Marketing is a re-brand of the previous business. They focus on helping contractors develop their own lead generation system. A guaranteed number of high-quality leads are promised each month.

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