Janey Marvin Dives into the World of Realities Versus Spiritualities in Her Book ‘Conscious & Subconscious: The Human Experience’

July 31 00:19 2021
With her experiences of constant, thought-provoking ideas and learning, Janey Marvin uncovers the truths of the different states of mind that a human brain possesses.

The mental health and well-being of an individual are often related to the different modes of consciousness. Religion is also an affecting factor to the world of thinking abilities that a human brain instills, usually. Professionally learning and serving in mental health, since 1976, Janey Marvin, the author of ‘Conscious & Subconscious: the Human Experience’, has decided to teach others how to change for themselves.

The book goes into great detail about the various functions of the conscious and subconscious brains. The Subconscious is a part of the brain that controls its emotional responses, behavioral patterns, belief systems, and even cognitive awareness. On the other hand, consciousness is the only part of the brain capable of distinguishing between reality and imagination, let alone right and wrong.

The spiritual journey that the author embarks on aims to teach the readers about the conscious, subconscious, and limbic systems. It will ultimately lead to understanding how to consciously recognize the self-limiting subconscious programs and simple techniques for creating new subconscious programs by designing them. Janey Marvin manages to explain the reason behind the controversial situation that although God created man, the human condition is that He declared, “Natural man is an enemy of God.” 

Janey Marvin is the MATR Behavioral Health Founder and CHT. She works together with top professionals in the mental health industry, where she has spent 18 years working on healthier practices to rehabilitate patients. After that, she established a foster care channel to assist troubled teenagers and youth. Since most youngsters nowadays are captured into the global stigmas of conscious and subconscious thoughts. During her seven years of service, Janey witnessed the impact of addiction on her patients. She identified the dysfunctional situation that existed among them, which could not be solved. 

To further understand the subconsciousness, she started digging deeper into the subject. She made efforts to comprehend her studies to understand the human brain. She also attended the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy School to qualify as a certified Hypnotherapist. Janey continued to explore the human psychic behaviors that eventually made her realize that people can unleash their full potential only if they have a thorough understanding of the working of their brains. During this process, she took inspiration from great minds like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and Michael Miller. Her undue efforts to go beyond the odds to understand human behaviors and their connection to the brains and the different states of consciousness, transformed her life. It gave her a better understanding of her subconsciousness during her education. Her studies led her to begin her organization, MATR, an adult residential drug, and alcohol treatment facility, after her graduation.

Her sole intention was not only to change people. Nor did she want to provide them with a remedy before even addressing the issues. Instead, she has always worked to teach people how to adapt, change, and overcome on their own. Her book, Conscious & Subconscious: The Human Experience, comprehends and dissects the physics of cognitive-behavioral therapy. It explains how to change repeating the same behaviors even when people want to change, and the guide to reconfigure or refresh themselves using this knowledge.

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