Gems & Vibes Offers Original and Authentic Crystal Water Bottles with Healing Properties

August 19 19:54 2019
Gems & Vibes Offers Original and Authentic Crystal Water Bottles with Healing Properties
A water bottle company is now offering genuine crystal water bottles that offer one-of-a-kind healing properties.

Gems & Vibes, a water bottle company in Slovenia is pleased to present their genuine and remarkable crystal-infused water bottles along with healing properties. Some of these bottles are utilized for prosperity and abundance, while some bottles are utilized for harmony, relationships, and love or even protection shielding and protection.

Crystals have all types of energies from the ones, which support love to healing and clarity to other things. Crystal infused water enables a person to get the energy of the crystal. They can achieve it by having it around them and within their space without mediating or wearing the crystal.

The water bottles from Gems & Vibe are infused along with distinct crystal. Each of these crystals offers unique energy, helping to heal the soul, body, and mind. No matter if a person is a believer of crystal healing or not, one can be certain they will love the feel as well as the look of such beautifully made, high-quality water bottle with crystals.

The original and authentic water bottle crystal from Gems & Vibes is FDA approved. These ethically mined crystals are imported from Madagascar and Brazil. Users can rest assured there won’t be any leakage. The crystal used inside the water bottle is food-grade stainless steel that is ten percent lead and BPA free. The glass is also made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

Healing water bottles from Gems & Vibes is a wonderful tool that incorporates a healing energy of crystals into the body. These bottles work on vibration as well as molecular level. It sends the properties of the healing crystals to the water. That results in the water to come to be energy-charged. It will have the power to soothe and stimulate a person’s emotions and mind.

Using crystal water bottles unites hydration along with healing properties that comes from the authentic crystals if compared to standard water bottles. That isn’t just advantageous to your body and mind, but to the environment as well. Using these bottles lower the usage of water bottles. Gem & Vibes’ crystal water bottles can improve the functions of the body and mind within the day.

About Gems & Vibe

Gems & Vibes is a store offering crystal water bottles. Their mission is to bring balance and harmony to people who use their healing crystal water bottles. They take pride in their online store where one could find their wide array of healing crystals water bottles such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Smoky Quartz, among others.

To learn more about Gems & Vibes, call Prabhamardeep Singh at 00386070394064 or send him an email at [email protected]. To see their collection of crystal water bottles, visit their website today at

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