Basement and Attic Concerns – One Of The Top Causes of Water Damage in San Diego

August 19 15:36 2019
San Diego – For a city so very close to the water line, there are homes in the area that have basements. Virtually all homes will have an attic of some sort as well.

These two places are prime for water damage in San Diego homes.

“Most of the time, basements will house the plumbing systems with exposed piping. Accidents with the plumbing system can happen for any number of reasons. Of course, being so close to the water line is another distinct possibility. Salt water and most concretes, necessary to build a basement, do not mix well. We get lots of calls for San Diego water remediation services because of that,” said Michael Damico, Principal of Pacific Flood Restoration.

Home owners often do not notice the water damage until it is too late, and the damage is done.  Fortunately, Damico and his team for water damage cleanup in San Diego, CA have a 24/7 emergency line in case something like this happens.

This was the case recently with a customer. Scott Roberts, a homeowner in one of the San Diego suburbs, discovered a serious water damage problem coming from his attic. He contacted Pacific Flood Restoration immediately.

“It did not take long for a team to arrive and start making initial assessments. The first thing the team did was find the source of the water, stop it and begin checking for damage. I got lucky. There was not significant damage or loss. One of the team told me of people coming home from vacation, and there being serious damage that took weeks to fix,” said Roberts.

Pacific Flood Restoration has a 24/7 emergency line. Their website features plenty of before and after work from previously satisfied customers. Visit for additional details.

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