600cranes Offers Full Maintenance and Inspection Services to Ensure Crane Safety Across Melbourne

August 19 19:18 2019

Victoria, AU – 600cranes, a member of the Crane Industry Council of Australia, offers inspection and maintenance services after they’ve installed their cranes, ensuring that their clients’ cranes remain safe throughout their lifespan. Results from a ten-year study conducted by Safe Work Australia show that crane accidents account for 8 percent of work-related fatalities in the construction field. A big cause of these accidents is the assembly of the machines. This is where services offered by 600cranes come in. Their inspection services provide a comprehensive look at all Jekko Minicranes, Fassi, Tadano, marine cranes, and hook lifts. Their purpose is to ensure that workers are as safe as possible while operating their truck cranes

Inspection of construction equipment includes the consideration of major workplace factors. 600cranes offers inspection and maintenance services at any of their workshop facilities. They take into account the ground load bearing capacity to ensure stability. The company also works to make sure that the proper personnel is present so that the manufacturer’s standards are correctly met. All construction machinery should be wired and put together based on the manufacturer’s or designer’s instruction so that they’re used as intended. 600cranes makes sure that their clients’ cranes are assembled correctly to do their job effectively and without causing a hazard.

Truck cranes are essential tools for construction work as they help easily move and lift heavy equipment and materials. The plethora of machinery that 600cranes offers is a wonderland for businesses looking for loader cranes. While their range of products is certainly appealing, the real draw they have comes from their full care guarantee. After their clients have purchased one of their cranes, the team will inspect, maintain, and service the machine when necessary.

600cranes’ services are backed by a team of highly trained operatives who have years of experience in the Loader/Vehicle Crane Industry. They promise to bring knowledge to help out with the day-to-day operations after installation. The company describes itself and its team as Melbourne’s premium crane solution with affordable prices and high-quality products that won’t fail. 

Aiming to prevent work-related injury in the construction industry, 600cranes prove they’re a responsible retailer with care for their clientele in an industry which can be dangerous for workers. From their reasonable prices, high-quality products, and extensive maintenance services, it’s no surprise that this company continues to grow over its competitors in the area.

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