Can Blockchain Game Change the Game Industry?

August 19 15:16 2019

The technological development of blockchain is growing day by day, and no one expected that the blockchain could really achieve growth. Now blockchain has become as familiar and recognized as the Internet. Who can estimate the future development trend? Blockchain now integrates with all walks of life to form a stable central mechanism, making rules become transparent and making assets integrate. What will the integration of blockchain with game be like?

People win interest in playing games and making games more interesting is undoubtedly a progress of the times. Games are becoming one of the main solutions of blockchain. The investigation by just verifies this. Research shows that the retention rate of traditional loyal players in the centralized game field remains at less than 6% for a long time. And the stickiness of decentralized games is several times greater than that of traditional games because of its transparency and fairness. Gaming experts say the best way to solve this problem is to make games fairer. Fairness is the best way to ensure the retention of entertainment games.

A recent blockchain project named GAMC was established in the UK, aiming at creating a fair, transparent and decentralized gaming platform, eliminating middlemen, trying to make everyone a winner, and ensuring that bonuses are not delayed and paid directly into the wallets of players. GAMC is committed to solving the above problems through the blockchain technology. But GAMC isn’t just trying to destroy the entertainment industry. It is a simple decentralized entertainment platform with unlimited scalability, which means it can accommodate other gaming activities such as e-sports, sports and other games. A unique feature of the GAMC platform is that it prevents players’ money from being manipulated by using transparency from blockchain technology. Entertainment is an activity, and people all over the world are addicted to the growth of the entertainment industry. At the same time, the number of participants and the number of times to participate are increasing, creating the return on investment of the industry giants without really bringing fairness to the players.

GAMC blockchain 3.0 quantum underlying technology is characterized by low storage, high frequency operation, circular digital signature, trading volume expansion, super TPS operation module and other technical features. Each smart terminal will become a block node server, and the type of terminal can be large server, smart terminal, mobile phone and other wearable devices of Internet of things. Innovative mining mode based on BPOS solves the scalability, decentralization and security problems of public blockchain triangle function. Meanwhile, the CryptoNote application protocol is used to solve 51% of the hashrate attacks. The quantum contract features of GAMC eliminates the controllability of traditional centralized online gaming. The identification of key feature ensures the privacy and asset storage security of each gaming player.

We’re moving into a whole new area, where the integration of the entertainment industry and blockchain technology will change the traditional economic models and existing lifestyles. Just as blockchain technology is penetrating the financial industry, even the world’s top 500 companies like JPMorgan have participated in the blockchain. This new field has unlimited prospects and will reshape the future technologies.

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